Faculties (4)

Faculty of Economics

This is one of the University's traditional faculties. Students are trained in economic cybernetics, international economic relations and economic theory.

There are four departments: economic theory; general economic; economic modeling; and international economic relations.

There has been a radical revision of the theoretical basis for teaching economics in all subjects based on the experience of preeminent universities abroad.

Presently departments, while taking into account Armenia's social and economical peculiarities, are working on problems related to the transition to a mixed market economy. Research is conducted on issues related to privatization, finance, Armenia's international economic relations and raising standards of living.

The Faculty has wide-ranging ties with the Lomonosov University in Moscow and with universities in England, France, the United States, Germany and other countries. Joint projects include special courses, student and post-graduate exchanges, and the application of international experience in teaching economics. Importance is given to the study of the Russian, English, French and German languages.

The Faculty trains students for employment in different areas of the economy and government.


Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology

The Faculty has divisions of philosophy, sociology and psychology. There are a number of departments and two research centers, one for sociological and the other for psychological research.

Research in the Faculty covers the following principal areas: general theory of argumentation, problems in parliamentary argumentation, research on present social processes in Armenia, theory and practice of social work, conflict resolution, methodological, theoretical and practical issues of training and specialty, development of a system of physiological services in Armenia, the problem of man in the history of Armenian philosophy, problems of socio-political conflicts, religion and freedom of thought in Armenia.

The Faculty trains philosophers and teachers of philosophy, sociologists and psychologists.

Research in the area of argumentation by the Philosophy and Logic Department has received wide recognition in academic circles and has led it to establish academic contacts with philosophers in Finland, France, Belgium and the United States. Joint studies and conferences are undertaken.

The Applied Sociology Department has academic ties with the University of Connecticut and George Mason University in the United States and does joint studies in the areas of social work and conflict resolution. There are also joint programs with London University's Institute of Economics and Social Research and in psychology with Montpellier University.

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